Wednesday, November 5

I'll take "Things That Are Yellow," Alex

Texas Lemon Law Information ... and then there's Flashing Yellow Lights Puzzle BMW Driver and then there's the punchline: ".. but the bad news? It's Hillary's handwriting." Something that isn't yellow are the new multi-colored $20 bills I got from an ATM. I took one inside the bank branch and asked to exchange it for twenty $1 coins. Poor teller acted like I made his day ("I've been trying to get rid of these for 3 weeks!" he exclaimed). I bet he goes home and blogs the event.

I was watching an awe-inspiring History Channel segment (Modern Marvels: Drive-Thru) and learned where the words turnpike and carhop originated. Oh boy oh boy, am I gonna wow them down at Cheers! Seriously educational benefit: several uses of RFID (subset of EPC) include Mobil Speedpass and The TollTag (there's also Transcore's PassKey (Pegasus) system, and EZ TAG in Houston .. word is all of those are being made interoperable). It won't be long before I can buy a Big Mac with my TollTag (seriously).

Stuff I gotta confirm: there are no more Pig Stands (the first drive-thru) in Dallas?

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