Thursday, November 6

theme parks

when we go bowling and it's not part of a league, we often use pseudonyms (Gilligan, Skipper, Shelob). This reminded me of a 1990-ish training i attended in California where they had themes for the practice workstations. one memorable theme (someone else chose it!) was bodily fluids. it was amusing copying files from [puss] to [bile] to well, you get the idea. Tonight, we're going to a German restaurant before (practice) bowling, so we'll use the pseudonyms "Hans, Frans und Deiter".

another thing which amuses me is the email alert I get from each day. for years, they've been oblivious to a programming error, which often puts the current temperature outside the predicted range. here are the alerts for today and the day before:

Dallas, TX : Cloudy 52-56F, Now 46F
Dallas, TX : Rain 49-60F, Now: 63F

How hard would it be to change the forecast? Example fix:

Dallas, TX : Cloudy 46-56F, Now 46F
Dallas, TX : Rain 49-63F, Now: 63F

Speaking of quality, I've mused here before about typos in Closed Captions. Turns out there's a Caption Quality Initiative underway.

Completely unrelated is the Timebase Archive - Humanitas International - Human Rights and Humanitarian Action. When I have time [sic] I'll go back and read that site out loud. I encountered this site while Google'ing for a publication called Ostara (by Liebenfels).

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