Thursday, February 17

all men are pigs dogs

Here's another one of those online tests that Trish-Bob enjoys so much:
What kind of dog am I?

The test says that I am a Bracco Italiano:

The Bracco Italiano (aka Italian Setter, aka Italian Pointer) is a very old breed and may be one of the earliest gun dog types. It has a most attractive hound-like appearance with pendulous ears and a kindly expression. This is a good natured, intelligent dog. Docile yet powerful, it makes the ideal combination of family pet and working animal.

Finally, a notice to all cafeteria workers: please have your green cards (I-551) ready for inspection; the Sundry on Thursday blog was updated.


TrshTwns01 said...

It said I was a Bouvier Des Flanders (Belgian Cattle Dog)

This shaggy dog looks the picture of ferocity in its homeland where it was bred as a farm dog with a good all round ability as a hunter, herder, drover, protector and guard. It can be a rather fierce dog but beneath the seemingly aggressive exterior is a calm, sensible, trustworthy, hardy and intelligent individual.

I loved the UI on this! They did nice work.

So, what do you think, GB? Hope you guys had a great lunch. You'll have to see my blog for the full story on why I haven't seen anyone, might not for a few more days. Might miss Eddie-boy!

Jill said...

I did this quiz several months ago. I came back as a Pug, of all things. Sheesh. A nice Rottweiler would have been good, but a Pug?

Jill said...

Correction: at first I thought this is one I'd done before, but it's not. On this one, I am a Field Spaniel: Despite its apparent disproportion this is in fact a good sproting dog with an equable temperament. It is adaptable and able to fit into family life and fieldwork, helping people kill animals.

Uh, I don't know if that's better than a Pug or not.

Eddie came up as a bloodhound:
Good with children and exceedingly affectionate, the Bloodhound makes an ideal companion for those who have room to accomodate it. It has the keenest sense of smaell of any domestic animal and can follow days-old scent.