Sunday, February 27


I was asked to fetch the DVD of either Motorcycle Diaries (2004), or Ray (2004) from Blockbuster and I was able to score the last copy of Ray last night. We watched the version with the excerpts which made it a bit longer than usual, but most of the scenes (save one -- some lame outtakes) added some plot dimensions. Jamie Foxx did a good job as Ray Charles, but I still think Don Cheadle out-acted him, as the lead of Hotel Rwanda (2004). I guess we'll know Sunday night when the awards are handed out.

I spent the bulk of the day driving the back alleys of my neighborhood, installing some 6x12" aluminum signs which identify the house numbers. Because the streets here are not in a precise grid, finding the exact alley which corresponds with a street address isn't always easy. It took us 3.5 hours to install 25 or so signs (almost none were consecutive), with a large part of that time spent figuring out how the alleys work. Bizarre.

It's now almost 1:30am Sunday and I'm just numb. Part of this numbness is due to my mom's yo-yo health (at one point last week her BP was 42/23) and part is .. well .. something else. Is blogging about it therapeutic? Doubtful.

Unrelated: the email reminders of this year's Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival have started landing in my inbox. Last May, I blogged about my Texas Renaissance Festival thoughts and they haven't changed.

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