Monday, February 28

gadget: isn't that a French word?

The Buzz Report says the best life-changing gadget of 2004 is TiVo and .. who am I to argue? TiVo has erased the following phrase from my vocabulary: There's Nothing Good On TV! because the stuff it records are the things I truly want to see. I'm not sure if I'm watching more television than before but I'm certainly finding my viewing time to be more useful. And that in itself is Toasty Goodness. I'm especially amused by the ability to give multiple ThumbsUp! verdicts on stuff I really like, and multiple ThumbsDown! on stuff I never ever want to view.

Today's word of the day is fetid (meaning: foul smelling). There's no relation to feta cheese.

Today's not-yet word of the day is catastrophize (meaning: to create a catastrophy). There's no relation to trophies.

Biggest surprise of the weekend (in the Fine Dining Category): Waffle House makes waffles, too! Their 2005 menu is in the stores and the servers are still coming up to speed. I had a bowl of Ben's Extreme Chili (or something like that) which contained beans, cheese, onions and jalapeƱos. Good thing I ordered some Raisin Toast with which to "wash it down," huh?

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