Tuesday, March 1

Promises, Promises ...

Went to the Angelika last night to partake in the Texas Filmmaker Series (the associated website is DallasVideo.org - the Video Association of Dallas). There were two films: a 15-minute short called Separated by Light (by Sai Selvarajan) and then the featured The Promise (by Jerry Miranda and Eddie Rodriquez). This film was produced and shot here in Dallas.

As stated in the promo:
"Aaron and Jennifer were best friends in high school when they made the promise. The two lost touch after graduation but became reacquainted at their ten-year high school reunion. Jennifer's ex-fiancé jumps back into the picture and Aaron doesn't like it.

As her 30th birthday approaches, Jennifer has to make a decision: rekindle an old flame with Jack or take the love of a friend to a new level. Aaron would do anything he can to fulfill his promise to her."
There's quite a bit more to the plot than that, but to say much more would Spoil The Fun. Certainly, this won't win any Academy Awards, but it was significantly better than a school project. Did I enjoy myself enough to want to return for the next Texas Filmmaker Series event (last Monday in April)? You bet. Just don't order The Hot Dog.

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