Monday, March 21

.. and you can KISS my ASBO!

After a visit to Lucas to visit TC and Buddy (while Jill-Bob was out and about), I began to think about how best to celebrate the holiday today. It's hard to believe that another year has passed since the last anniversary of Benito Juarez' birth.

Now that we've been overrun (!), it's best to celebrate only Mexican birthdays, right? Yesterday (as part of the impending celebration) I made my first-ever visit to Fiesta Mart, and was shocked to find the vast majority of signs in English! That's not the case down the road, where the Michoacana Meat Market is located. Fortunately, no comprendo Ingl├ęs.

Unrelated #0: ASBOs (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) are becoming increasing popular in Britain, as judged by the various news reports on the subject. No idea why, but the Brits seem to prefer NOT abbreviating the term, which is why they call them Asbos.
Entertaining find: Neighbours From Hell (UK).
Oddly, there's a related term [ABC] which they seem to think means Acceptable Behaviour Contract and not Authentic British Cuisine (curry).

Unrelated #1: Air America is finally on the air in Dallas, although a lightning strike took them off the air for 3+ hours this morning (the Radical Right undoubtedly will say that's Divine Intervention). They're located at 910 AM (after KXEB switch formats).


William Bob said...

I was disappointed that the neighbors from hell site didn't have lots of juicy stories.

Nony Mitchell said...

Okay...I am new to Air America...where I live they would sooner say Jesus was a socialist than allow a liberal radio station take the air waves. So I have been introduced to it through the internet...

Hey if it can make the air down where you are...I have some hope for here...a teeny tiny hope...but a hope

Empowerqueen said...

My son moved to Texas a couple of years ago,Rory-Bob,do I need to change the birth certificate?lol

Illegal Imigration is fixable!
Grow the Mexican economy and they will stay in Mexico!
There is an idea for a housing lottery that will create millions of jobs & opportunity for all!

Grace be with ya'll...