Thursday, March 3

AC 360 (and a suggestion for TiVo software)

Please tell me that TiVo is a verb, as well as a proper (company) name. Because I'd like to say that I TiVo Anderson Cooper 360 without people tilting their heads to say "huh?"

Before TiVo I'd sometimes channel surf, and get frustrated since "there's nothing good on TV". Now, everything is good because I chose it (or TiVo thinks it's something I'll be interested in and automagically records it). That's how I started watching CNN's show called "Anderson Cooper 360". Well, actually I saw Anderson Cooper on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, which led me to TiVo it.

Today, I was skimming yesterday's episode which mentioned the so-called "Chapter 8 Word Puzzle" that's part of the BTK Serial Killer case. I located the PDF of the puzzle and scanned for words that were not on the "Known Solutions" list then emailed CNN to advise them of one I found. I got an automated reply:
"Thanks for your email. Here’s our problem. We want you to know that we really do read every single email you viewers send us. No, honestly. But reading your email is one thing, and composing individual answers to each one is another. That would be a full-time enterprise. In which case, there’'d be no AC 360. In which case, there'’d be no emails. You see where we’re headed. Anyway, the best we can do is to acknowledge that we have indeed received and will read your message, and this little note is to let you know that. It’s automatic, yes; fails to take into account whether you’ve patted us on the back or slapped us across the face; does not differentiate between praise, correction, fury, proposals of marriage, or invitations to get lost. But rest assured we’ll know that part when we read it!"
It's good to get feedback that Someone Out There Heard Me. That said, I wish it was easier to TiVo stuff when a reference is made on a show (example: during The Daily Show interview, a popup box would've appeared to say "record the show they just mentioned" rather than interrupt my viewing, find the "Choose Programs To Record" menu, specify the time and channel, then return to my viewing). Maybe that feature will be in the next revision of the DirecTV TiVo software?

Unrelated #0: I stopped by Carter BloodCare yesterday and donated a pint. Don't everyone rush out there for your elective surgeries all at once.

Unrelated #1: Word of the day: cathartic

Unrelated #2: Finally found Motorcycle Diaries @ Blockbuster last night .. the last 2 times I tried (on the weekend) they were Out Of Stock. Gotta get the soundtrack. Loved the scenery at Machu Picchu.

Unrelated #3: Please bring your seatbacks and tray tables to their fully upright and locked position. The Sundry on Thursday blog is hereby updated.

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