Thursday, March 24

Netscape: the tradition continues

After reading about a security fix, I updated my user agent (web browser) today, to Firefox 1.0.2, but I have to wonder how many people will do this? Many of my software applications have a "Help/Update" menu which seeks out updates, but in Netscape's infinite wisdom, that's buried in:
Tools / Options / Advanced / Software Updates
so the user has to really want to do this. I hope that most Firefox users have the "Periodically check for updates ..." box checked, but it would be foolish to think that's universal.

Unrelated: I was at a traffic signal yesterday, and noticed it was programmed for a 3-second delay after the cross traffic's light turned red. I don't think that's universal. The Texas Legislature will certainly vote down this (HB 259 and HB 1347), thereby endorsing continued carnage.

What's that you say? You need a dose of SUNDRY? Well, okay .. the Sundry on Thursday blog is now updated.

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