Tuesday, March 29

tough shibboleth

Last night, I saw Seventy-8 at the Angelika; it's another one of the Texas Filmmakers Series, as explained on the Video Association of Dallas website:
The series highlights the excellence and diversity of film projects being made by Texas-based filmmakers and combats "film flight" (to Hollywood and Canada) by building audiences and recognition for Texas-based films through word-of-mouth and repeat exhibitions. Presented in cooperation with the Angelika Film Center and Café, the series exhibits a feature film by a Texas-based maker on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.
There's plenty of information about Seventy-8 on their website (specifically: the Press information) so there's nothing I can add, other than a Touch With Greatness: I shared the elevator with one of the actresses, en route to the screening. Sadly, this was before the film, so I didn't know to ask for her autograph!

Today's word: shibboleth (if you have to ask what it means, you didn't watch the recent Law & Order: Criminal Intent show with this title). Basically, it's someone who has a pronuncification disorder (like President Quagmire).

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