Thursday, March 17

A Quarter

Well, I had to do something Irish today (being St. Patrick's Day and all) so I decided to try a loaf of Irish Soda Bread that I found at Flagship (Tom Thumb) yesterday. It's not your typical rectangular breadloaf; rather, this one is an odd shape (as seen on digs magazine). Irish Soda Bread doesn't use yeast, and contains raisins .. so it tastes like raisin bread. Because of the odd shape, it doesn't toast well unless I'm careful with the knife.
Trivia: I've heard the term "Pot Luck" since I was a child; it meant a gathering where people bring their favorite recipe and others get to sample many different foods. Yet, an Irish website suggested the term's origins point to the specific use of a 3-legged iron pot!
I'm one-quarter Irish, having had an Irish maternal grandmother. The rest of my ancestors are also (presumably) from the British Isles, which accounts for my light complexion (which has been known to blind airline pilots, and the source of an FAA investigation in the late 1980's).

What else can I do today to celebrate my 25% Irish heritage? Hmmm ...

Also, for those of you who are seeking a leprechaun ... the Sundry on Thursday blog is hereby updated.

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