Tuesday, March 22

beware the canyons of Big D

It took 25 minutes to reach the downtown Dallas Public Library this morning. I suspect traffic was light because the signal for Air America (KXEB-AM 910) is pretty weak in the canyons downtown, and all the Radical Righters were using their radio direction finders to track down the source of the signal (Frisco, Texas) so they can blow it to Kingdom Come. Having a local Progressive (formerly "Liberal") talk radio signal must be driving the regressives crazy, even though they now outnumber it only 17:1 (okay, that's a guess).

I travelled downtown to listen to Jeff Crilley (of the local FOX-TV affiliate fame) speak ("How to Get Free Publicity for Your Nonprofit") where he gave us good advice, and concluded by hyping his book (appropriately named Free Publicity).

unrelated #0: today's word: currycomb

unrelated #1: telecopy == fax. Apparently I missed another memo.

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