Monday, March 28

flyover territory

Once in awhile, I see a letter to the editor advising not to listen to someone else, because (quote) "they're from New York City, and you know what that means" (unquote). It's interesting that those same people don't want to be shut out themselves, and would cry foul if the New Yorkers offered the opposing advice:
they're from Texas, and you know what that means
Sadly, the latter comment insinuates that we're all non-thinking, Get-Behind-The-Puppet-No-Matter-How-Stupid-He-Is morons. Memo to New Yorkers: some of us have brain cells (but not all).

That said, I see where Ken Paxton (a Texas legislator who lacks brain cells) is championing (House Bill 137) the placement of signs at the major roads leading into Texas, proclaiming "Welcome to Texas - Proud to be the Home of President George W. Bush". If it passes, the signs would have to be changed between September 1 and the end of 2005.

Point of fact: President Quagmire was not born in Texas, nor was His father. The only two U.S. Presidents born in Texas were LBJ (Lyndon Johnson) and Dwight Eisenhower. So, if I had a vote (and I reckon' I don't) I'd be happy to see
"Welcome to Texas: Birthplace of LBJ and Ike!"
while leaving Connecticut to put up the "We Love Rove's Puppet" signs.

Anyhoo (back to the "don't listen to them .. they're from Whatever" argument): those divisive points of view are blatantly wrong, seeking to dismiss the other's view without cause. Much of that happened during the name-calling of the last election, where the Republicans branded any Democrat as a Liberal, and you know what that means. Prediction: (yin being yang) that tactic will eventually be used against them, and they'll be the first to cry foul.

Then again, anyone not living on the coasts is summarily dismissed as living in Flyover Territory, which is increasingly (10% ?) composed of Undocumented Immigrants (see Number of people of Mexican origin in the U.S.). Now, if Ken Paxton modifies his bill to be bilingual ("Welcome to Texas —- Proud to be the Home of President George W Bush / Bienvenidos a Texas - Orgulloso ser el Hogar de Presidente George W Bush") then I'd back it, if only for the guffaws it would induce.

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