Friday, March 18

In New Mexico, it's your Right

It's good to know that Texas is not the only state which has insane politicians.

I was nosing around today when I came across Offbeat bills - the lighter side of legislating which mentioned New Mexico's proposed "Right to Eat Enchiladas Act". Thinking this may be a joke, I A9'd and indeed found the full text for 2005 New Mexico Senate bill 291.

What's next? Tamales? Chalupas? Tater tots?

Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) must be having a cow. Er, salad.

Speaking of Politicians ... under the pretext of a survey that Trish will jump on like a CLEP Study Guide, I spotted this on Geoff's blog:

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TrshTwns01 said...

EEEEK! Scary:

Well, damn blog won't allow most HTML - just a few tags. No image tags or the like, so I can't post mine. Here's the text:

Bill Clinton!

You like to be the center of attention and desire fame.

You are Bill Clinton. You are able to determine the most popular views and then reflect them. You are a social chameleon.