Wednesday, March 9

dangerous oligopolies

Control of the American Comic Strip industry rests in the hands of four cartoon syndicates. Best I can figure, all cartoons are in the hands of one of these: United Media (; Creators; King Features; or uComics. Everybody Knows™ that oligopolies are dangerous, harmful, and full of Evil Doers.

Given the importance of The Comic Strip to 21st Century America, I'd urge you to join the campaign to free us from this tyranny. The first place to knock will undoubtedly be the Federal Trade Commission - aren't they the ones responsible for breaking up cartels?

Unrelated Head-Shaker of The Day: Esperanto Travel Phrases (also not to be missed: How to order beer in 47+ languages).

Also, not to worry .. I've completed gathering of this week's Sundry on Thursday items. Tomorrow will be a Red Letter Day for us all ...

Everybody Knows is a trademark of Fox "News"; Rush Limbaugh Productions; and the Christian Fascist Republican Party.

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