Wednesday, March 23

coming soon: YEEEE HAAAA!!

Only a few more weeks until the Mesquite Rodeo opens for the season. They're closed after October, presumably because the critters (bulls, horses, mules, etc.) can't function when the temperature drops below 22C(72F). The rodeo in Mesquite is a bit different than the one sponsored by the TGRA, held annually in Fort Worth. I once inquired about the difference between a gay rodeo and a .. uh .. standard rodeo, and was told that the gay cowboys are cuter. To each their own!

The last time Walter (not a -Bob) was in town, we moseyed over to the rodeo. Since I didn't think this would be a Regular Feature for me, I chose seats on the front row. Little did I know that's like sitting in The Blue Seats at Sea World (where you're certain to be Splashed By Shamu). Indeed, when the chuckwagon races started (and I had returned to my seat with a full cup of Co-Cola) I ended up with an inch of dirt (and .. uh .. related stuff) atop my drink. Lesson learned.

Changing the subject to flora and fauna: indoor plants and I have never gotten along. I suspect I overwater them, but the end result is always the same: no matter how much I try, any plants that I bring into the house will be toast within a week.

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