Tuesday, February 15

Canadian Flag Day - one of my favourite holidays

It's Flag Day in Canada! How shall I celebrate this most joyous of holidays, eh?

1) Use "eh?" a lot at the end of sentences, eh?
2) Spell the words like a Canadian would spell them (e.g. "favourite")
3) Say "God save the Queen!" when I'd normally say "Yep."
4) Say aboot (about) a few times.

Perhaps I could celebrate by reminiscing aboot one of my adventures to the Great White North? Okay, here goes (eh):
Sometime in the late 70's ("if you say you remember the 70's, you really didn't live back then") three of us went camping in Ontario province. The trio was composed of myself, Wayne and what's his name. Yes, I've purged his name from my long-term storage. I remember he was one of Wayne's friends, and was from Pittsburgh. We joked aboot how we'd answer the "where are you from?" question by the Border Patrol as we drove into Canada, from Michigan, since the three of us were from different parts of the country.

BTW, "camping oot" is a relative term. As I recall, we slept in the back of an enclosed pickup. We hiked a lot, and got lost in the woods (when we came upon a memorable object twice). We came across a weird copper-coloured lake, and the apparent remnants of a moose which had met it's demise in a most unfriendly way.

The defining moment was when we canoe'd to a small island, and decided to have lunch. The weather was perfect, the water was pure blue, and there was a crisp stillness in the air. We sat on the shore, munching our grub, taking in all that nature had to offer.

Then -- we heard a tremendous rustling in the leaves, and began to panic. We talked aboot how we'd get back in the canoe quickly, leaving the food for The Bear (undoubtedly the same one who made that Moose Sandwich described above). The rustling got louder, and then .. THERE IT WAS! Just a few feet away from us was the biggest, brownest thrush we'd ever seen! After checking our underwear for stains, we switched the subject to American Football, to reassure ourselves what manly men we were.

On the way oot of the woods (day 3) we stopped for a brewski, but were told that (due to local law) we couldn't have them alone .. we'd need to order food, too. We weren't really hungry, so asked what the least expensive food item would be. Answer: a bag of crisps (chips). So, we shared a bag-o-Lay's and 3 brewskis, then made our way across the border. The Killer Thrush is surely happy we left her eggs alone.
God save the Queen, eh.

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