Thursday, February 10

you say Rooster, I say Chick Fil'A

in yet another example of how TiVo has changed my life, I found a 22-minute show called CNN Student News that airs sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I now start my day watching that, which covers the Really Big Stuff that's happening (just in case a comet strikes New Zealand and I missed it).

Today's broadcast covered the Bush Regime's denial that it plans to attack Iran over their nucular weppins (Bush-speak) program; a couple Pop Quizzes (Shout It Out!!); some other Really Important Stuff; and closed with some photos of young'uns dressed as chickens, celebrating the Chinese New Year.
Deep Thought #61: I wonder if sales of fast-food chicken will increase in this Year of the Rooster?
Unrelated: Thanks to Deep Shirt for pointing out this gem (typical of the Bush Regime, which talks out of all 7 sides of their mouth): Bush press pal quitsover gay prostie link (and because the Gene Bob Blog is a low-carb, family-oriented website, I won't mention Jim Guckert's other sites: HotMilitaryStud, MilitaryEscorts and MilitaryEscortsM4M) .. you can read about those in the news article!

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