Monday, February 21

target: granny

oh, this is rich .. the front page story in today's paper version of the Dallas Managed News says that Karl Rove's (hey, Everybody Knows™ He's behind it) Swift Boat Liars for Bush (now having nothing to do) are turning their venom on the elderly - specifically the AARP - and will now proceed to smear them in order to pass The Puppet's Social Security Reform boondoggle.

I can hardly wait to see the format their TV ads will take .. probably showing that granny's:
  1. not really 72 .. but 42 instead
  2. not a woman after all!
  3. uses hair color - i.e. that blue tint isn't natural
I'm amazed how most of the people don't know that The Puppet's ham-handed proposal doesn't really allow for private investment. YMMV, but the way I read it: you get to invest your own funds until retirement, then you turn your gains (or losses) over to the Social Security Administration who then pays you. If you die before your portfolio is paid out, the government (not your heirs) gets the remainder. Anyone who thinks those funds are theirs are sadly mistaken.

Everybody Knows is a trademark of Fox "News"; Rush Limbaugh Productions; and the Christian Fascist Republican Party.

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