Saturday, February 5

Lone Star Larry

Texans need a red-state alternative to Punxsutawney Phil (the liberal Pennsylvania groundhog); I suggest Lone Star Larry which should probably be an armadillo. LSL would rise from his burrow each year on 2/2 and (if he sees his shadow) spit a chaw of Red Man into the air and hibernate for another six weeks.

In lieu of Lone Star Larry, PJ spotted a crocus sticking its head out of my flower bed, which means that winter is over. Kaput. Stick a fork in it. Bring on the summer heat. Texas has only two seasons: too dang hot, and too dang cold.

Today was the first time I'd dined at Kuby's Sausage House; before I'd only visited their deli/grocery (at the south end of Snider Plaza), and marveled at the fresh German potato salad, dozens of varieties of mustard, pickles, and other European treats. I sampled the pork schnitzel sandwich, which was not too tough yet not exactly tender.
Deep Thought #60: horseradish is to schnitzel, as wasabi is to sushi.
Post-Kuby's, HayJax navigated a Tour of Homes (including University Park, Bluffview, and Preston Hollow). Some of the homes are inhabited by those with old money, which you can tell because the cars in the driveway are unpretentious: Ford station wagons instead of Mercedes and Lexuses (Lexi?). Those dot-com survivors with new money are building cheaply-made McMansions and parading their H2s in hopes of peer worship. Bah.

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