Saturday, February 19

... sdrawkcab

Friday ended with my first-ever foray to the AMC Valley View 16 - a mainstream theatre, to see one of the 5 films nominated for Best Picture of 2004. Although I signed up for AMC's MovieWatcher card, I didn't think to take it with me when Judy-Bob suggested this location. I suppose I missed out on some Points or something: hmmm.

Sideways [2004] was also showing at the (independent) Magnolia and I suspect the audience would've been different. Several of us found more humor in one of the audience member's laughter, than that of the plot (which struck me as Thelma and Louise Meet The Werewolf); I rate the film a Ho-Hum. Others up for the Oscar are The Aviator; Finding Neverland; Million Dollar Baby and Ray. Since I didn't see any of those others, I'll be kind and allow the Academy to make their own choice.

Mid-afternoon, I went to the doctor (followup) and he said he'll keep me alive as long as I continue to pay his bill (this could go on for several decades if I'm careful). They did the usual blood test; updated results will be back next week sometime to see how well The Meds are working.

At midday, I lunched with 6 members of The Saucer Crowd (including Eddie and Jill-Bob; HayJax; Tim-Bob; Nona and Chuck [not sure of their -Bob status]. I don't mind The Flying Saucer about once a year or so. The healthiest thing I could find on their never-changing menu was a chicken wrap and a side salad.

Friday began with a session on coping with medical insurance during unemployment. The presenter developed the website. Did I learn anything else? Probably. For whatever reason, I chose to take notes on a (paper!) legal pad versus my PDA. Now I have to spend extra time transcribing those notes, lest they be eaten by paper moths and lost forever (not to mention the fact that You Can't Grep Paper).

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