Tuesday, February 8

Denver 26 Philadelphia 4

Every few weeks, I check the quarters in my possession, to see if any of the new ones have arrived. The US Mint is on a 10 year mission to deliver all 50 states, and they'll be done in 2008 (assuming we don't buy Puerto Rico between now and then).

Here in Dallas, the vast majority of the quarters in circulation come from the Denver Mint, while the quarters making the rounds back east come mostly from the Philadelphia Mint. Today, I counted the ones in my possession and found a 26-4 favoritism for the Denver-minted coins. Since each state coin comes in 2 varieties (look for a D or a P in the 4 o'clock position) it makes it hard to collect the entire set, since so many Philadelphia [P] coins don't make it this far west.

I think this is a conspiracy; the last [P]hiladelphia quarter in my collection is the 2003 Maine. I'm still missing 12 of the 30 [P]hiladelphia quarters issued, but I have all of the [D]enver minted coins (through the end of 2004),

Unrelated: We're # 114! (according to the Milken Institute - Best (Economic) Performing Cities - 200 Largest Metros). This is a slip of 36 places -- Dallas was #78 last year. Dallas is the 8th largest city in the USA [2000 Census] - but San Antonio will bypass us in the 2010 census.

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