Saturday, April 23

day sleepers (the small, furry kind)

Mitchell Rasansky (Dallas City Council District 13) is an idiot.

Rather than spend a few minutes educating himself about something that could save some of his constituent's lives, he chose instead to make fun of a subject that he (obviously) knows absolutely nothing about. If this is the way he commonly approaches the concerns of his constituents, Rasansky should be voted out of office at the next opportunity.

The issue that pureed my garbanzos concerns three bat houses that a Boy Scout installed in Glen Cove Park [Forest Lane At Rosser Road, apparently], in hopes (50/50) of luring some Mexican Free-tail Bats (the official Texas state flying mammal). People in general seem to have some weird ideas about bats; they should edjicate themselves by A9'ing for [BAT FAQ] or (better?) nose around the Bat Conservation website.
Bats dine on insects, including yummy?! mosquitoes, which are among nature's most efficient disease transmitters. There's a list of mosquito-borne diseases such as the West Nile Virus; 5 types of encephalitis; malaria; etc. on the CDC's website.
Several years ago, I bought a bat house, but it never attracted any. It really demands a clear path to the eastern sunrise, which warms up the little critters (which prefer to snuggle close to each other).

Deep Thought #65: I should dig out my [DAY SLEEPER] sign (which I found in a local home improvement store) and place it next to the Bat House; maybe that'll attract a colony?

Sadly, I have too many trees to allow for easy egress and ingress but would be happy to put a couple dozen bat houses in the nearby park, if they'd agree to munch on the local mosquito population. Rasansky apparently prefers to poison the environment with pyrethrum (which not only kills indiscriminately, but has some nasty health effects - especially for kids with asthma).


William Bob said...

Hear! Hear!

I saw that idiot on the nightly newspaper advertisement, spouting off about bats biting little children and giving them rabies.

What a ma-roon! Somebody should tie him up and drag him down to Austin to watch the nightly exodus from underneath the Congress Avenue bridge. There are a couple of million Mexican Freetails living there and I've never heard of a single case of rabies attributed to any of them.

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