Tuesday, April 19

planned obsolightscence

Who designed the 3-way light bulb? I'd like to flog them.

I only have a few lamps in my home that use 3-way bulbs, but every one of them is one pull-of-the-cord away from impending doom. Will the bulb work correctly, or will I be left in the dark? Spotted on the web:
A three-way bulb has two filaments in it. For the lowest setting, one filament comes on (it might be a 50 watt filament). For the next setting, the second filament comes on (it might be a 100 watt filament). For the third setting both come on, for a total of 150 watts. Look also at the end of the bulb's base and you will be able to see how the lamp controls the two filaments.
Yesterday, filament #2 burned out in one of my lamps, making it switch from [Off] to [50 watts] .. and that's it. I should take the lamp into the street, and repeatedly run over it with a steamroller. Alas, I don't have one of those, so the trashcan will have to suffice.

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