Sunday, April 17

Mochi-Mochi, ya'll

Have I inadvertently created a monster? I introduced Judy-Bob to Mikawaya's Mochi Ice Cream this weekend (I had some Green Tea flavor at home) and now she's addicted! I found it at May Hua in Plano, but Hong Kong Market Place (Walnut @ Audelia) also carries it. Best I can tell, Asia World Market in Richardson doesn't carry any ice cream. I haven't spotted Mochi in any of the non-Asian groceries yet, but I'll check from time to time.
Chance of finding Mochi at Wal-Mart: Z-E-R-O.
Trips to Asian grocery stores are entertaining; if nothing else, it opens your eyes to a world that doesn't revolve around the red meats that the American diet has devolved into; this diet's still centered around fish: fresh, frozen, or dried. Just stay away from the durian: pee-yew!

No sign yet of urchin-flavored ice cream, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

I've always liked the taste of lychee, but like anything else, if I consume it too often, the taste gets old. So, I picked up some "lychee pudding" (which is nothing like chocolate pudding); lychee yogurt; and a can of lychee drink. I decided against the lychee gummy (something like individually wrapped Gummy Bears), thinking I might overdose.

Unrelated: I stopped by North Haven Gardens (on Northaven -- only one H -- Road) to pick up some dried molasses. I will experiment with it this season, for fire ant control. Could Gene-Bob be going organic, whole hog? Stranger things have happened.

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TrshTwns01 said...

Totally organic? I'll believe it when you give up the Bimmer for a hybrid or something.

Durian. Ick. The Pho place that some friends took me to in Austin had a LOT of different bubble drinks available. Dave had Durian. A Durian smoothie with bubbles.