Monday, April 25

Glee D'Jour

In a handful of change yesterday, I found a 2005 nickel (5 cent coin), featuring an American bison on the reverse side.

Apparently this is part of the Westward Journey Nickel Series™ which started recently. How could I have missed such a numismatic milestone?

I certainly hope the retail establishments across the country have trained their staffs to accept these new coins. I suspect countless numbers of seminars, briefings and boondoggles to distant lands (oops .. boondoggles are only for CFRP lawmakers) have been held to explain this traumatic impact upon the American Financial System.

I mentioned my shiny new friend (the nickel, remember?) to someone and was told that if I hang onto it for 50 years or so, it'll really be worth something. Hmmm .. I wonder what's the Net Present Value of $0.05 in the year 2055?

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