Sunday, April 10

serapes and sombreros

Judy-Bob wanted to see an art exhibit at the Dallas Latino Cultural Center, so we moseyed by there on Saturday afternoon.

In honor of Latino culture, I threatened to wear a serape and a sombrero but instead just sampled the Pig Stew (okay, okay .. so guiso de puerco sounds more appetizing) at Monica Aca Y Alla (in nearby Deep Ellum).
The Latino Cultural Center doesn't get much Action on the weekend, apparently; although they're open from 11 until 4, by 2pm only 27 people had stopped in to have a look-see. Perhaps everyone moseyed west, to take in the Main Street Art Festival in Fort Worth.
Unrelated #0: The next time I mosey through East Texas (en route Shreveport) I may stop by to see some of the potteries in Marshall, which are undoubtedly low-tech to the max.

Unrelated #1: Trish-Bob turned me onto a show on Bravo: Showdog Moms & Dads, which is a reality show about the world of professional (?) dog shows. Yeee haaa.

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