Thursday, April 21

stick this on your tongue!

Maybe it's just me, but HealthStrips™ (from Momentus Solutions) seems to be a solution in search of a problem. It'll remind you of those film-like oral care strips that started showing up a few years ago (were Listerine PocketPaks® the first?) .. but these are a way to dispense vitamins and supplements without taking a pill.

Dare I ask how they can cram something like a pill into something as thin as a breath strip? Maybe it involves magic, but I'm just having a hard time buying this load of laundry. Maybe if the strip was an inch or so thick ...
Deep Thought #65: If the makers of Viagra, or Cialis, or Levitra start putting their product on these strips, maybe they'll be onto something. That assumes it doesn't have an adverse effect and make your tongue hard as a flagpole. If men thart thuddenly lithping, I'll know it's begun clinical trials.

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neil said...

Hello Gene Bob,
I am with Momentus Solutions and yes, people do have a hard time believing we can load as much vitamins as we do on those thin strips. No, it's not as much as a horse pill, but then again, we are a whole lot easier and more pleasant to take. While you don't have to have a "problem" to take our Health Strips, 40% of the populations has difficulty swallowing pills. Plus, you can use our products anywhere and anytime you want. We test production to make sure the label claims on vitamin content are accurate. How did you find our products??
Neil Kozarsky
Momentus Solutions, LLC