Thursday, April 7

iCID, RTFP: never assume

Discrete components are okay, up to a point. I've had CallerID at home for eons, but initially retrofitted my corded phones with separate boxes to perform the CallerID magic. Then I bought a cordless phone which had integrated CallerID (let's call it iCID). Then came my iCID television! Heck, I even suspect my washer/dryer of having iCID.

Finally, it is time to Take The Plunge (jump in with both feet, leap into the breach, leave a crossroads, make my move, pass the Rubicon, take the bull by the horns, bite the bullet) and update my corded phones to iCID. So, it's off to the web I go. Shopping for telephones at a retail store is pointless; I can never find the feature mix I want, at the price I want (as near to FREE as possible).

The new ones (Panasonic KX-TS3282W) arrived via DHL yesterday, and are now installed. They have a similar look-and-feel to my cordless units (I bought the same brand, so the Learning Curve would be less). In addition to iCID, they have a real directory (wow!), adjustable ring, and a buncha stuff that's not obvious. Guess I'll have to bite the bullet (ouch!) and Read The Fine (Fantastic?) Manual [RTFM].
Deep Thought #64: Why don't cordless/corded phones have downloadable RingTones (like cellphones)? I smell a Market Opportunity.

Unrelated: while in graduate school (when pterodactyls roamed the Earth) one of my professors wrote "RTP" on a student's quiz. The student asked what it meant, and was told Read The Problem. Obviously, he hadn't done so.

On another student's quiz, the prof had written "RTFP"; when the student complained of the assumed insult, he was told that it meant Read The Fine Print. Moral: never assume that You've Been Dissed.

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