Friday, April 8

resisting temptation

I was nosing around Geoff's blog, and spotted a posting about his new digicam (Nikon 5600). Hmmm .. am I overdue for a new digicam? I wonder how long I can resist the temptation?

The digital camera that I use most often is the Canon, and I haul out the E-10 when a good lens (and lots of settings) is more important than shirt-pocket size and "movie mode". This is my fourth digicam:
  1. Sony Mavica FD-90 (acquired May 2000)
  2. Olympus C-2100 UZ (May 2001)
  3. Olympus E-10 (September 2002)
  4. Canon PowerShot S-230 (December 2002)
Paula still has the Sony (I think) and Jill-Bob bought the C-2100.

I still like Digital Photography Review's website the best, in part because of their side-by-side comparison feature. Heck, I thought it'd be entertaining to compare all four of my digicams (sorted by acquisition).

Depending on whether you can tell the difference between a 200dpi and 300dpi image, anything with 3.2 megapixels [MP] or higher will produce a good 8x10 inch print at 200dpi, but you'll need a 7.2 MP camera if you demand 300 dpi precision. Also, if you have a less-than-spectacular zoom lens, and/or tend to crop a lot, the more megapixels the merrier.

I recently printed quite a few 8x10 images, and they all look crisp to me (except for a few where I did some serious zoom-and-cropping) so I suspect I can live with my 3.2 and 4 MP cameras a while longer.

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Geoff Arnold said...

If you check out my blog entry about the loon that I saw in Harwichport, you can see how I was able to carve a nice close-up out of a fairly distant picture. No fancy lenses, no digital zoom, just the built-in optical zoom plus a bit of surgery in iPhoto. That's what 5 megapixels is worth to me.