Sunday, April 3

save me from myself

Best I can tell, I have 18 time keeping devices. Only 4 of those automatically update themselves for Daylight Saving Time: a wall clock, the DVD player and the CallerID boxes (attached to the wired phones).

So, at 2am I scampered around the house, adding one hour to every device, as I dutifully sprung forward. Did I miss any clocks? Probably.

I bought some DVDs, only to come home to discover that I already own 3 of them, so a return trip is in my future. Hmm .. I already logged all of these in my PDA so I wouldn't do this again. Only problem: I didn't take my PDA to the store. Argh! I suspect that retail stores secretly love returns, as it gets you back in their store (often the most difficult challenge with retail).

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William Bob said...

I feel your pain.

Another problem with clocks, and resetting clocks, is experienced by those of us who have chosen (?) to share our homes with chronologically challenged.

I'm referring to those people who purposely set their clocks incorrectly (a few minutes ahead) in the hopes that this will help them get places on time. These are the same people who anally reset every clock in the house twice a year, and impose their warped sense of time on everyone, including those who try to keep a few special timepieces on the correct time!