Friday, July 1


Well, I finally found time to mosey down to Northwest Highway and Midway tonight, to sample one of Ball's Burgers. It's located in a new shopping center on the NE corner (near Albertsons) and was not a Hole In The Wall*, as I suspected.

Unlike most burger places, Ball's cooks them to order, so if you want yours Medium Rare or Medium Well, it's no problem. I also sampled an order of their onion rings (medium sized, nicely greasy), as well as a cherry milkshake (the counter guy had to ask a co-worker if that was really on the menu).

The ambiance of this place is amusing: as you step inside, you're presented with a collection of Balls On The Wall - everything from basketballs to squash balls. Once inside, the menu's on a blackboard above the counter. There's none of that pre-printed marquee so common elsewhere. You can dine indoors, or (if the weather's nice) a large patio-with-umbrellas if you're in the mood to dine outdoors.

Verdict: a GeBo Thumbs Up. I'll be back!
* not be be confused with Hole In The Wall Burgers on Harry Hines, barely south of LBJ-635

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