Monday, July 11

swigging the kraut (by accident)

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a meeting at the BIG Half Price Books location (Northwest Highway, a few hundred yards east of 75-Central). Since I was going to the meeting room (and it was the middle of the afternoon), I parked behind the building and strolled through the rear "SELL YOUR BOOKS HERE" entrance.

After the meeting, I briefly nosed through the shelves, didn't see anything of immediate interest, then moseyed out the back door. I happened to glance across the street, and saw a Mexican restaurant (Casita Dominguez, proclaiming "Tacos al Carbon: Our Speciality") next to <squinting> something else.

The signpost says "Black Forest Bakery Restaurant and Delicatessen" and (if you bother to look on the roof) "Henk's European Deli & Black Forest Bakery". I've been meaning to investigate this place for years, but didn't know where 5811 Blackwell Street was located. You see, Blackwell street intersects Greenville Avenue, but it's not at all obvious (and nearly impossible to navigate from the Northwest Highway exit of 75-Central). I briefly nosed around and noted that the (Dutch) owner of Henk's was a partner with Kuby's (of Snider Plaza fame) since 1961. I've no clue if that business relationship continues. I do know there's no relation to Erykah Badu's renovated "Black Forest Theatre" (formerly the Forest Theater) at 1920 MLK Boulevard (under I-45).

Henk's is a perfect "Jill-Bob" spot: hidden, with virtually no business, save their Black Forest Coffee Shop -- inside the (mammoth) Half-Price Books megastore. Location, location, location.

Unrelated #0: it's time again .. it's been 8 weeks since my last blood donation. I happened to find "Eligibility to donate blood - the checklist" on their website.

Unrelated #1: on another blog, I noticed a pointer to the EFF's Legal Guide for Bloggers. I'll have to take some time to read that. Maybe while I'm swigging some sauerkraut at Henk's Deli?

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Billy Bob Bain said...

I always start with the sausage plate appetizer and a Spaten. Then cheese soup and snitzel for the meal washed down with more Spaten. I haven't been during the week, but it is usually packed with a wait on Saturday.

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