Friday, July 15

blood, shrimp, and the English language

It's been 8 weeks since my last blood donation, so today was the day. Mostly uneventful, excepting a peculiar light sensitivity afterwards (either it'll go away, or I'll become blind, I reckon).
Thank you for scheduling your blood donation appointment through our website. Prior to your donation, as mandated by FDA, the staff will perform a health history interview and a mini-physical exam to make sure you qualify as a blood donor. These screening procedures are performed with every donation to ensure a safe quality blood supply.
Then, it was off to lunch with Jacquie-Bob at Shanghai Restaurant (Preston @ 635-LBJ): the sesame shrimp was fine, and the Diet Coke from a can was most amusing.

In the There Oughta Be A Law category, I was chagrined to find that [bimonthly] has two legitimate meanings. Argh! Who wrote this English language, anyway? See The Prefixes "Bi" and "Semi".
16/7 update: I noticed a Foley's ad in the Managed News, where they're promoting their "HALF-YEARLY SALE" (not SEMI-ANNUAL) (whimper)
Finally, it appears that weather predicting is becoming increasingly precise. I checked the forecast on Weather Underground and noted (quote) "Chance of T-storms - 36% chance". Not 25% .. not 50% .. but 36%. Amazing!

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