Thursday, July 7

London bombed

I awoke at about 5:45 today and heard about the bombings in London soon thereafter (Google News). Information's still sketchy now, but it appears there were 4 explosions in the subways and one in a double-decker bus (above ground). So far, no claims of responsibility, but I naturally think of al-Qaida, rather than the IRA (due to the coordination). Still, this was timed to coincide with the first day of the G8 Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland. I suspect the US is on alert, including the local Dallas Area Rapid Transit [DART].

Yesterday, London was awarded the 2012 Olympics, and today the city of 7 million is paralyzed because of a coordinated terrorist attack. I just read that 3 million people a day use The London Underground.

I flipped on the telly and it was tuned to NWI - the Canadian News World International channel. Thinking I'd like to hear it from a closer source, I tuned to BBC America which was indeed live with news .. for about 12 minutes until some Rocket Scientist decided to revert to their regular programming (dancing hedgehogs or somesuch nonsense). Sadly, I flipped to CBS (weather report) then ABC (commercials) and finally CNN, which was live with information. I'll probably leave the channel there, rather than take the chance of another genius move by the BBC.

I would flip over to Fox "News", but (predictably) they're spinning this as a targeted attack against the Fundamentalist Christians of London, or Gay Marriage, or something else which it's not.

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