Monday, July 25

Joe Barton's Witch Hunt

I doubt that Joe Barton's Witch Hunt will be covered by the local press; I'm happy that at least one newspaper (The Washington Post) in this country bothered. As I recall, The Washington Post is the same paper that broke the Watergate Scandal, many years ago, and is still villified by Regressives everywhere. Carry on, Garth.

At least Barton is following Karl Rove's manifesto: if you don't like the message that someone (anyone) delivers, the first thing to do is to attempt to discredit them. "If you're wrong, don't admit it. Next, get personal," says Herr Rove.

Unrelated: another item not covered by the Texas papers: Pastors For Peace Caravan to Cuba Stopped at U.S.-Mexican Border is something I noticed on the Democracy Now show (via LinkTV). This continues to confirm my suspicions that the Dallas Managed News is little more than a mouthpiece of the Radical Right.

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