Monday, July 18

hit and run in Richardson

After a mid-afternoon of dim sum sampling, Judy Bob and I were en route Target when I noticed an old blue Land Yacht (1970s-era Buick|Oldsmobile) with a distinctive yellow hood .. and a companion yellow airscoop the size of Des Moines .. driving north on the 75-Central frontage road. I didn't think much of it at the time, other than it looking peculiar.

We turned west on Campbell and proceeded a half mile or so, before watching the "Yacht Owner" (in another lane) ram a Toyota (Cressida?) from behind at about 38 mph, in what appeared to be an unprovoked act (other than the fact the car was in front of him). We could see the driver, who wasn't fist-pounding angry .. it was just bizarre.

Fortunately, the Toyota's driver wasn't hurt and his car didn't appear to be damaged (good thing for plastic fenders). I called this into Richardson 911 who began searching for the Land Yacht. I wonder if the gent was impaired (drunk/drugged) at the time? After the ramming, he proceeded west on Campbell at a high rate of speed, and we didn't see him again.

This car is unique - and it shouldn't be hard for the police to find it. Lesson learned: if you plan to ram someone from behind, make sure you don't do it in the middle of a clear Sunday afternoon in a distinctive Land Yacht. Yeh, that's the lesson.


William Bob said...

A google search for "olds land yacht" turns up 38,000 hits. Funny, but I don't remember that model.

One search result was for an 126" wheelbase land yacht, which turned out to be an Olds 98. I guess that makes my main ride, with its 172" wheelbase, a land oil tanker.

Gene said...

I Google'd for several GM/Ford variants of "Land Yacht", and got these hits:

Buick - 117
Cadillac - 40
Lincoln - 32
Oldsmobile - 10
Pontiac - 9
Chevrolet - 7
Mercury - 2

elhaf said...

Land Yacht is in fact an Airstream travel trailer.