Thursday, July 14

of FantasyLand and TomorrowLand

All these demands about President Quagmire firing Karl Rove are an exercise in futility. Anyone who has followed this duo knows that President Quagmire cannot fire Rove, regardless of what He publicly says about doing the right thing. To fire Rove would deprive Bush of his brain and He'd be left exposed to the world, without so much as a ball of yarn with which to play.

Recently, I watched a group of local Air America listeners hold a meeting, and it was obvious that they couldn't organize their way out of a wet paper bag; they are no threat to the highly efficient CFRP*, and to suggest otherwise is to live in FantasyLand (no disrespect to Disneyland's section bearing the same name).
* Christian Fascist Republican Party
One of the people attending the meeting was backing a Democrat for a statewide office, and wanted me to sign her petition. Since I didn't know anything about the candidate, I declined, but did say I'd nose around his website and start watching his campaign. That appeared to shock the petitioneer; after all, this was an AirAmerica meeting, and we should be expected to latch onto anything that doesn't have a CFRP Label, right? Uh, wrong. That kind of attitude is what got us in the mess we're in now. I've said it before, but
when Gene-Bob becomes King, the first thing he'll do is ban all political parties. Those (very few) voters who remain will be forced to listen to what a candidate says, versus what party label is attached at the moment.

This should have the effect of giving us better representation, since the people who vote will have had to investigate the issues (well, at least more than they do now).
I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, since the Bell curve shows that 49% of the population is below average in intelligence. (insert 15 second delay here, so the gravity of that statistic has a chance to seep in). If the country continues on this Radical Right Death Spiral, we should ask Disneyland to rebuild TomorrowLand into a place where only straight white Fristians exist. All others should just Leave Now.


William Bob said...

'Twould prolly bee ill-eagle, but wouldn't it be nise if the computer voting machines made you answer a few questions before you cast your vote?

Frinstance: before you can vote for guvner you have to be able to identify at least one candidate. And before you can vote for a candidate you have to be able to answer a question about at least one position they have taken repeatedly in their advertising or campain speeches.

No spelling test reqwired.

Gene said...

if'n i was the one to Creatify the Voting Test, I'd makkit a buncha pitchers:

1) who's George Washington?
(choices are photos of the
$1, $2, $5 and $10 bills)

2) Pick any 5 letters of the English alphamabet (photos of Arabic; Japanese; Mandarin and BritSpeak)

3) You're trying to win the garbage contract for the City. Who do you have to bribe? Please draw your conclusion (using only straight lines).