Wednesday, July 20

Tomlinson, Roberts and other incompetents

I was channel-hopping a few nights ago (C-SPAN?), and got to see Ken Tomlinson testifying before Congress: what an idiot. He's the one with a crusade to turn PBS into a 24x7 version of The Rush Limbaugh Report. Now I understand why the CPB's out to turn Sesame Street into a bastion of the Radical Right. I'll bet the first thing they do is Put Clothes on Big Bird, then turn Ernie into a Fristian Minister, followed by Cookie Monster's renaming (Mister Goodness?).

Tomlinson strikes me as Yet Another Rightwing Puppet who couldn't have an original thought if his life depended on it. Yeah, that's who we want in charge of Public Broadcasting. I'll bet he "reports" directly to Karl Rove.

See Bill Moyers Responds to CPB's Tomlinson Charges of Liberal Bias: "We Were Getting it Right, But Not Right Wing"
Unrelated: even I can be impressed by how fast the web can react. Witness the detailed Wikipedia entry for President Quagmire's Supreme Court nominee John Glover Roberts, Jr. (who was nominated early, primarily to take the heat off Karl Rove)

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