Wednesday, July 27

cold, battery, crescent

What's with the cool weather - a high of only 74F? Isn't this supposed to be July in Dallas - home of the Poached Egg On A Sidewalk?

My UPS battery arrived via UPS today, and I am speechless with delight .. almost to the point of driving a $20 bill to Plano (yes, Trish-Bob .. that quip's for you). After installing the UPS battery (a task requiring about 30 seconds total) I took the old one to the BatteriesPlus store (Beltline @ Midway) and asked if they'd recycle the old one. Sure!, they said .. and asked how much I paid for the battery (curiosity). Turns out they stock UPS batteries, and even had my prehistoric one in stock .. their price with tax was more than buying via the web and paying shipping, but not by a huge sum.

This afternoon, I moseyed to downtown Dallas to locate the Crescent Office Complex - ha! This 18-story monster's hard to miss, once you've left the Woodall Rodgers Freeway (the mostly nameless thing that links 75-Central and I-35E).

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