Saturday, May 1

ah, to be a weather forecaster

The first Saturday in May is when The Kentucky Derby is held. That's not a big event in Dallas.

I wonder if there are any weather forecasters who are paid bonuses, based on how close they come to an accurate forecast? My guess is : not many. It is with such amusement that today's forecast is for rain, rain and more rain, although the wet stuff ended by 9am. I should swing by the Cottonwood Art Festival today (or tomorrow). Perhaps Beta will meet a nice boy dog? One type of "art" that won't be on display is graffiti: the Minneapolis Police Department has a good graffiti section on their website.

I finally bit the bullet and got a new bowling ball: the Ebonite Player and a new (2-ball) bag. My first game with the Player yielded a 75 game (it has a 25.5 hook rating); I guess i'll have to adjust my throw a wee bit. my best-ever scratch game in league play is a 193 (and i finally broke 200 a few weeks ago, with a 206). both of those was with my Hammer Blade Reactive.

it just goes to show that Humor Is In The Eye Of The Bee Holder [sic]: JumboJoke: Humor the Way You Like It (this appears new; we'll see how long it lasts)

.. and (if you're bored) check out Getting Rid of "Spam" and Other E-mail Pests which explains how these malcontents get your address in the first place.

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