Thursday, May 27

who is watching the watchers?

I spotted 3 "watch" sites recently: MooreWatch "Watching Michael Moore's every move"; Allergy Watch and GasPriceWatch. I'm surprised that there haven't been front page stories about how inflation is becoming an issue, given that 2004 is proving to be the year of $3 milk and $2 gasoline. Fond high school memory: President Gerald King Ford's Whip Inflation Now campaign. The lack of "inflation news" must be the work of the "liberal media" that the conservatives write about in their Letters To The Editor (some putz today whined about too many liberal comic strips, and wanted more balance).

Speaking of inflation, the bargain matinee at The Magnolia cost $5.50. One of the trailers (when I saw [Super Size Me] on Monday) was for [Coffee and Cigarettes] which piqued my interest; perhaps because it's filmed in black and white, so that I'm forced to concentrate on the content?

HayJax asked if I knew of any restaurants that serve gazpacho soup. Hmm: perhaps Fresh Choice? Trivia: gazpacho means "soaked bread" in Arabic. While Google'ing I encountered a recipe for watermelon gazpacho soup; as Trish-Bob would say: ewwwww.

GoogL'ost #43: TBOH (for those in/near Technical Support)

Finally, Analogia is a "what movie star do you look like?" site; I uploaded a photo of Pandora (calico housecat) and it said she looks like Judy Garland; Tyra Banks or Andie MacDowell. Hmm .. maybe I should start dating my cat? Here, kitty, kitty ...

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