Monday, May 17

groundbreaking, revolutionary ... words escape me

A short article about telecommuting (Faceless colleagues sparking office mistrust) led me to Texas shoppers become remote working guinea pigs (which led me to the Internet Home Alliance). Apparently, the IHA have embarked upon a 4-month "Mobile Worker Pilot" trial : a 2400 square foot environment at a local shopping mall (the Shops at Willow Bend in Plano, Texas) where they study these guinea pigs remote workers using such ground-breaking technology as (drum roll) wireless Internet access. Hmm .. I must see if cameras are allowed.

Unrelated: RealAge says you can "look younger, live longer" .. but at what price? Life without trans-fatty acid is like a day without sunshine, right? Perhaps I should re-read the cluetrain manifesto?

Deep Thought #30: why haven't bank check printers reverted to
Date: _____ 20__

instead of simply

Date: ___________
in the last century (5 years ago, for those not keeping score), checks commonly read
Date: _____ 19__
After all, the benefits are huge: think of the energy saved by millions of people not writing the digits 2 and 0 for the remaining 95 years of this century.

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