Friday, May 7

of legacies and cappucinos

it's with a certain sadness that i heard that Heather broadcast that The Friday Five has come to an end. Part of this sadness is due to my not becoming aware of it until November 2003 (it began in September 2001). She's disabled the archive; I was planning on visiting every Friday, to answer a different five questions, from the years before. Heck, I even tried using The Internet Archive (the Wayback Machine) but that access has been (inadvertently?) blocked via a robots.txt file.

In a sense I am jealous that the Friday Five was allowed to go out under its own terms, unlike the OneStop project I started at Sun (which achieved critical mass years ago, and now is permanently in the hands of others). Such is the extent of a legacy: another lesson learned.

Tomorrow, I will visit The Great Outdoors (my backyard) and Commune With Nature (overdue pulling of the weeds). BTWD will assist.

Also, I'll rendezvous with TopDog for a vente mocha latte cappucino on-the-half-shell. One topic will be First Worthing, and what went wrong (a small group of people who pre-determined and overruled the future of their (cough) constituency). Where have I heard this before?

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