Sunday, May 2

it's all relative in West Virginia

sometimes it's entertaining to see what Google thinks is related to a particular website. Much of the amusement comes from where you begin the search. So, here I was, reading email when I saw a reference to an unfamiliar website (I interpreted stoptheftaa as Stop Theft AA);

it is with such vivacious glee that I went from Stop the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas);
to Get US Out (of the United Nations);
to the (notorious?) John Birch Society;
to a trio of anti-immigration sites (Secure America; Federation for American Immigration Reform; Hire American Citizens);
to Numbers USA (opposing agricultural worker amnesty);
to Better Immigration;
to Taller Puertorriqueño (promoting Puerto Rican art);
to ILLVIBE Collective (musical group);
to TRIM (John Birch Society's tax reduction arm);
to Capitol Advantage ("grassroots advocacy products and services").

The process reminds me of the Chinese Whispers party game, sorta. Yanks often know this as the Telephone Game.

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