Thursday, May 6

what to be when I grow up?

I'm off for a late breakfast with Renegade, to hear the news of his horse barn and to catch up on life after Sun.

Jill-Bob (ever-so-helpful) suggested a blended opportunity: management at Waffle House! Now why didn't I think of that? It would combine my managerial talent (huh?) with that of my keen insights into the QSR business (see? I even know an acronym in another field!)

I spent much of yesterday trading emails with former co-workers, many wanting to know What The Heck Happened? Apparently [Gene Being RIF'd] was about as unlikely as [Scott Throwing In The Towel]. Many are dumbfounded, thinking that I'd be the last one to Go Down With The Ship. As Bugs Bunny opined: "He don't know me very well - do he?". I wasn't surprised, since I was an easy pick (the only remote member of a small [albeit very visible] team). I suspect the remnants are now expunging the fact that I ever existed. Heck, I'd do the same thing for [to?] them if the tables were reversed.

Honestly, I wish the best for everyone who's still there, but .. it's as if I've been able to breathe pure air for the first time in many, many years. It's nice not having to Drink The Kool-Aid every morning.

American High-Tech means living with layoffs. It was about 16 years ago when I found myself unemployed (in Los Angeles) and not really knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up. So, I turned on the autopilot and tried to make use of the lessons I learned, years ago.

I immediately spent time reducing expenses (lesson: do this early, not later). My DSL circuit is now $13 less (sign up for a year extension online to get a reduced rate). My cellphone is still $30 (okay, $29.99) but I have a much better plan (the only reason I had AT&T Wireless is because they had a feature allowing me to dial an internal extention with only 5 digits). Now that I won't use that feature, Cingular Wireless works better for me (a Nokia 3310 is en route).

I went to a different car wash and spent $5 instead of $15. You get the idea. I'm not hurting financially, but with an uncertain future (will I be out of work 5 days or 5 years?) I'm just Doing The Right Things.

Tonight, I'll feed on some bratvurst und schnapps (mit HayJax, Jill-Bob, Scott-Bob and Trish-Bob) at the Bavarian Grill. Rumor has it that a Special Guest may also attend.

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