Saturday, May 29

heart palpitations

Saturday afternoon was so very exciting: a guy from TXU Gas replaced my 30-year old gas meter; he had a pickup truck full of meters and was making his way through the neighborhood. When he finished installing and spray painting the new meter:

he came inside to re-light the water heater's pilot light, and turned off the one for the furnace. The $10/month savings (turning off the pilot light to the furnace) will be redirected to pet food! Posted by Hello

To counter this much excitement, maybe I should mosey over to ARTFEST in Addison (Tom Thumb has $4 admission coupons .. it's not worth a trip there just to save $1). I've been looking for a mural of either Charlize Theron or Geena Davis; wonder if they'll have one of those?

Deep Thought #33: 3-day weekends lose their meaning when you're out of work.

and then (from the "we weren't there but we are certain what happened" department): Dinosaurs Fried Within Hours of Cosmic Collision, Study Concludes.

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