Sunday, May 16

virtual tourist

Yesterday, I took 8 seconds to convert an old MyNetscape RSS [Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication (depending on who's talking)] channel to a "modern day" RSS feed on our neighborhood website. I added the pubDate element (in the RSS 2.0 specification) but it's loosely based on the RSS 0.91 file I hacked by hand in 1999. I also used OPML [Outline Processor Markup Language] to export SharpReader's subscriptions to something that Bloglines (web-based RSS) can use. Now, I can read email and follow subscribed blogs via any web-connected PC, and it was all so terribly trivial. Next stop on my learning vacation? PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

I'm sure I've seen Discover DFW before, but since I'm playing like a Dallas tourist for the remainder of May, it's a helpful reminder of stuff I'd like to see. One of the things not on my list is Southfork Ranch (made famous from 1978-1991 by the Dallas primetime serial). When PJ and I went searching for Southfork (soon after moving here) I drove past it (never thinking to look for a barn with [SF] on the side). They also don't tell you that it's across the street from a trailer park.

Deep Thought #29: I once watched an episode of Dallas dubbed into French (in Montreal). Bobby Ewing's voice was about 2 octaves too high, and sounded like BobbĂ­.

I was flipping DirecTV channels and spotted an hour-long show (on Discovery Times) about Easter Island, which would be a restful 5-day vacation, if it weren't (a) so far and (b) off season down there. You fly into IPC (Easter Island) (Lan Chile Airlines) via either PPT (Papeete, Tahiti) or SCL (Santiago). Getting from DFW-PPT requires a stop at LAX (Los Angeles) but DFW-SCL is a direct flight (9.5 hours) and it's another 5.5 hours (not counting layover) to Easter Island. Wow: 15 hours in the air reminds me of my trip to Australia in 1993 (DFW-HNL is 5.5 hours and HNL-SYD is another 9.5).

Discover DFW is done by the Dallas Managed News, which prints neighborhood sections to keep the smalltown newspapers from gaining a foothold. The only noteworthy group of competitive suburban papers is the Star Community Newspapers which is behind the Plano Star Courier; Allen American; Carrollton Leader; Frisco Enterprise; McKinney Messenger; Coppell Gazette and others.

Need a job? How about a date? has some interesting info about the VC (venture capital) behind the various social networking sites (including my current favorite: LinkedIn).

Also, if you have time, you can read the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War; unless you live under a rock, you'll recognize that the Geneva Convention has been in the news lately.

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