Monday, May 24

light the blue paper and retire immediately

I've thought Game Theory is a useful tool for most of Life's Situations, and will surely blog on that Real Soon Now. There appear to be a sizable group who believe that what happened in Abu Ghraib (Iraqi prison) was little more than a college hazing prank, to which I would reply: would it bother anyone if those were American prisoners being held naked, made to pose in front of enemy troops while performing lewd acts, now played on TV for their families back home?

Once again, I suggest reading the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Have we decided those rules (about torture) don't apply to us? This Turn The Tables thought process is also useful when talking about anyone's rights, whether it be a domestic minority, or foreign insurgents.

GoogL'ost #39: Republican Unity Coalition (found this while looking for a recent Ann Richards quote about same-sex marriage). For those who don't know: Ann Richards was the governor of Texas until she lost to Karl Rove and George W. Bush. Personally, I admire any woman on a Harley, especially if she has white hair.

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