Wednesday, May 12

comments, anyone?

it appears that the New! Improved! Blogger interface allows comments! I've been using HaloScan for a few weeks, and thought I'd see how the built-in Comments worked, so I enabled them in the Settings menu.

initially, I am not impressed. Of the last 5 posts, only 3 may be commented upon. Huh? maybe i have to hold the new interface over my head and shake it? (an old Dilbert joke about the boss rebooting his Etch-A-Sketch)

At the end of each post where the day+time is shown, there is now a (0) comments after some entries. Note that one says: "posted by Gene @ 9:24:30 PM" and another says "posted by Gene @ 1:49:52 PM (0) comments"

Maybe we're alpha testers of this stuff?

Truly weird: Didn't I already blog Burger King's Subserviant Chicken website? One of my "Bob friends" suggested these commands:
Die; Strip; Dance; Lay egg; Sing; Eat; Elephant; Read; Fly; Clean Room; Eat Chicken; Beg; Play baseball; Play basketball; drink; Roll; Touch your toes; Hop on one leg; Throw me a kiss

to which I added (after experimenting):

fluff the pillow; rearrange furniture; do the hokey pokey; do the cha cha; hide; cartwheel; handstand; splits; push ups; jumping jacks; look at camera; parade; watch TV; walk the dog; urinate; lights off; sleep; eat at Burger King
And yes, this site really is sponsored by Burger King.

Alas, enough mirth for the week .. gotta take Beta and Miles to the vet for their annual vaccinations (rabies, bordatella, distemper, etc.)

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